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Image of Andrew J. Ryback - President, CEO and Director of Plumas Bank and Plumas Bancorp

Andrew J. Ryback
President and CEO
Plumas Bank and Plumas Bancorp

Executive Message

In 2022 Plumas Bank undertook the development of a formalized corporate citizenship program to inform stakeholders about relevant practices and policies which impact our clients, communities, and team members. Throughout its 42 year history, Plumas Bank has striven to provide financial stability within its region, promoting small business development and financial services access, while simultaneously providing employees with opportunities for personal and professional development. This foundation led us to develop the tagline, “Here. For Good.”, a promise which we followed through on when we donated $50 thousand to the Dixie Fire Community Fund, provided loan forbearances and eliminated certain overdraft fees during the Pandemic, and installed solar panels and LED lighting in the first of our facilities.

Delve into Plumas’ inaugural Corporate Citizenship Report and find that our efforts for good are directed at people and places because the reciprocal relationship between community banks and communities drives a progressive exchange in which enhanced financial access and stability builds stronger communities. To this end, Plumas Bank increased starting wages throughout our footprint above California’s minimum wage repeatedly since 2018 while serving underbanked communities in northeastern California and northwestern Nevada. We continue to provide mandatory diversity training to every employee and address diversity, equity and inclusion through our Affirmative Action Plan, which is overseen by the Board of Directors. We launched business initiatives to improve the ease and efficiency with which clients access financial services and products while enhancing data- and cyber-security through engagement with specialized third parties, training and development for all employees, and in-depth evaluation of our processes to improve potential constriction points.

With oversight by Plumas Bancorp’s and Plumas Bank’s Board of Directors as well as the executive leadership, our corporate citizenship program will continue to develop, allowing us to continue to deliver on our promise to be “Here. For Good.”

Plumas County, CA

Plumas County, CA

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